About Us

Carterville USA is a family website maintained by Charles Wayne Carter, descendant of Dominicus Carter; and dedicated to the many individuals who: are either direct descendants, or through marriage, connect back to Richard CATER I, our progenitor, born between 1598-1611 in England and died between 1677-1679 in the Colony of New-Hampshire.

    Its purpose is to:

  1. Seek out and acquire historical data, records and other materials that pertain to our family ancestors;
  2. Maintain a current copy of our family genealogy database along with a secure backup copy to ensure against accidental loss;
  3. Accurately document names, dates, and/or places and regularly incorporate changes as new information becomes available;
  4. Provide supporting evidence or conclusions whenever possible for birth, marriage, death and other historical events;
  5. Ensure that personal data on living individuals is never displayed on our Website;
  6. Make available to all family members (for personal use only) full access to all family genealogy found on this website. This includes: personal data, photographs, and/or biographical history; and
  7. Provide a safe environment for all children who may visit Carterville USA.

Carterville USA is the official website for both the Cater-Decatur Family Organization and the John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization.

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