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This page was last updated: October 11, 2012

The BOYLE / CARTER / LARSON Family Photo Album
This site provides a collection of photographs from the Edwin Henry BOYLE and Sarah Ellen CARTER Family.

The site administrator is Betsy Joyce (MARTIN) Mitchell.

The BRAILSFORD Family Forum
This site provides a resource to anyone researching the BRAILSFORD family name, including common derivatives such as BRAILSFORTH, BRALSFORD, BREALSFORD, etc.

The site administrator is Kerrie BRAILSFORD.

Carterville USA
Carterville USA is a family website dedicated to the many individuals who are either direct descendants, or through marriage, connect back to Richard CATER I, our progenitor, born between 1598-1611 in England and died between 1677-1679 in the Colony of New-Hampshire..

The site administrator is Charles Wayne Carter.

The COLBY Family & Others Website
This website lists the descendants and ancestors of Anthony COLBY (1605-1660) and his wife Susannah (1610-1689) and most related family branches. Anthony immigrated to America in 1630, was the first Colby in America, and the Colby from whom most present day Colbys living in America originate.

The site administrator is Ronald COLBY.

The Carl I CORDINGLEY & Leila ROBISON Family.

The site administrator is Carl CORDINGLEY.

D V Memories
Utah County's Premiere Wedding Video Service

The site administrator is Rose NYMAN.

Dragon Studios
Taijiquan & Hatha Yoga

The site administrator is Jon C CARTER.

The Family Thicket
Family Website and Blog

This site provides a resource to anyone researching the families of Edward Furlsbury CARTER, Sr. and Annie BLAKE — Jasper Laning HALL and Caroline FERGUSON.

The site administrator is Marilyn (Carter) CASSIDY.

The George C GAUDETTE Family
Family Blog

The site administrator is George C GAUDETTE.

The GINGELL Family Website  
This is a website dedicated to anything and everything Gingell. Some of the surnames of my ancestors include: John Gingell and Martha Goodship, Philip Gingell and Edith Holloway, Abraham Gingell and Maria _____, Jacob Gingell and Ann Ponting, William Gingell and Hannah _____, William Gingell and Sarah Lavell, and Jeremihia Gingell and Hannah Holmes.

The site administrator is Craig M P GINGELL.

The Litchfield Family of Belper, Derbyshire, England. It includes the ancestors of Godfrey LITCHFIELD and Dorothy Sarah JENNISON and all of their descendants. Other family records include: PALMER, HILL, FERISS, JAMESON.

The site administrator is Glenda Pearl WRIGHT.

Long Board Larry Skate & Surf
Manufactures hand-made longboard skateboards .

The site administrator is Laura R PETERSON.

The MARTIN / CURTIS/ MANGUM Family Photo Album
This site provides a collection of photographs from the Josiah MARTIN and Sarah CURTIS Family.

The site administrator is Betsy Joyce (MARTIN) Mitchell.

The Merrill H. MAYLETT, Jr. Family History
Our (Merrill H. MAYLETT Jr. and Janice MORTENSEN) families mostly originated in England and Denmark. They include, among others, the surnames MAYLETT, WILSON, BOYINGTON, PETERSEN, BRAITHWAITE, LOCKWOOD, DRAPER, VAUGHAN, MORTENSEN, CHRISTENSEN, TUTTLE, BILLINGS, and NIELSEN. Most of these lines immigrated to America as converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but many of their ancestors and relatives are included in this site, as well.

The site administrator is Merrill H. MAYLETT, Jr.

The Nello Rue SMITH & Arminta ECHOLS Family
Additional information on the following families can also be found: Hyrum LeRoy SMITH & Laura McBRIDE, Peter Howard McBRIDE & Laura LEWIS and Alfred Alonzo BARNEY & Cynthia Delilah BARNEY.

The site administrator is Loretta BROUGHTON.

Thomas MORGAN Pioneer Familes
Compiled here are links to the records, with life sketches and pictures, of our Morgan family that emigrated
to America from Herefordshire, England in 1855 and settled in Utah and Idaho.

The site administrator is James MORGAN.

The Popp Family Genealogy 10-11-2012
This website contains information on the descendants of Martin Popp from Olbersdorf, Landskron, Chrudim, Bohemia. In 1866, when the Popp family came from Olbersdorf to Minnesota and Wisconsin (and possibly parts of Texas, as well as other states), Olbersdorf was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Today, it is located within the parameters of the Czech Republic. Since the expulsion of all ethnic Germans from the Czech Republic following World War II, the town has been renamed Albrechtice, Lanskroun, Czech Republic.

The site administrator is Teri E. Popp.

This is the genealogy and history of the Brown-Stackhouse-Lambert family. Some of the surnames of my ancestors include: Lambert/Lambard, Stackhouse, Brown, Carter, Conaty, Andrews, Libby, Jameson, Mahan, Cullen, Pynchon, Smith, Woodward, Beamsley, Wescott, Nowlin, Barngrover, Hatfield, Townley, Forster, Badgley, de Vescy, Pine, McKenney, York, Dooley, Lewis, Alderman, Johnson Jackson, Propst

The site administrator is Michael LAMBERT.