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This website is made available for use by all family members in an effort to assist you in researching your family genealogy. You may ask questions, request research or lookup assistance, and provide feedback to others who are also in need of help.

I hope that you will find Carterville, USA informative and rewarding. Please inform other family members of this valuable resource and check back often for new content.

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Reunion Conference Poster

Reunion Conference Poster

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Today is the LAST DAY TO REGISTER for our Carter Family Reunion. While anyone can attend the reunion, meals can no longer be guaranteed. Thank you to all who have registered. It is going to be great seeing cousins from all over the US and Canada! (If you have sent in a registration but have not received a confirmation email from me, please contact me at so I can make sure you are included!) See you next month in Omaha!

The link to the Registration Packet can be found here.

Warmest regards,

Kathy L. Robbins-Wise
2015 Reunion Chairman

Annie AFFLECK (1895-1967) et al


Again, Annie is the lady standing to the far left. I need help identifying the remaining folks.
Thank you!


Annie AFFLECK (1895-1967), et al



Annie AFFLECK, who married Ilas CARTER (1892 – 1955), is the lady standing to the far left. Can anyone help me identify the remaining folks? Thank you.



Can anyone identify these two little ones? Thank you.



Can anyone identify them? Thank you.




, ,

Can anyone identify the lady on the left in the photograph?

The others are Sarah Fern (Merrill) CARTER, Herman Darrell CARTER, and John Harris BARNETT (Standing)

Also, does anyone know where this photo was taken?





The two men in this photo are hard to make out… the photo was so small to begin with. However, it is possible that the one on the (L) may be Ronald Lee CARTER and the one on the (R) Herman Darrell CARTER.
I am assuming this was taken in county near Sunrise Mountain, Las Vegas.

Can anyone identify the area in the photo? Thank you.


Flavil & Gloria Dean

Can anyone please help me identify these two folks? Thank you.
On the back of the photo it says: “Flavil & Gloria Dean, Logan, 1977”