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Announcement: Carterville Cemetery, Council Bluffs, IA

November 11, 2016

Dear Family Members,

For those of you who were with us at the last reunion in the Omaha area, we were fortunate enough to have at the reunion representatives of the Historical Pioneer Research Group serves as a coordinating and facilitating organization that links, the work of the BYU Winter Quarters Project, The Nauvoo lands and Records database, Mormon Places database and the work of local researchers and historians. Ultimately all of this work feeds the Pioneer website managed by the Historical Pioneer Research Group.

Their effort that pertain to us directly is the mapping of the pioneer Carterville Cemetery in Council Bluffs, IA. I received a note from him this week that states:

“Just a note to let you know that the owners of the property where the Carterville Cemetery is located have given permission to complete the ground penetrating radar[GPR] survey. We have scheduled the engineering firm from Kansas City to complete the GPR on Nov 18, 2016. A day of their time and equipment including the follow up reports usually costs about $3,000.00. We plan on trying to fit in at least one other site, if we have time following the work at Carterville. It would be helpful if your organizations could contribute at least $1,000.00 to this project. Thanks for your consideration.”

The Historical Pioneer Research Group is a 501c3 non-profit corporation therefore, any gift you make is tax deductible. Like us they are all volunteers trying help others to learn more about their heritage. Learning the number of burials at Carterville is a first necessary step and will go a long way in helping us to determine who might be buried there. If you, or anyone in your family would be interested in helping fund this worthwhile project please contact:

Carl E Scott at for more information

Make your check payable to: The Historical Pioneer Research Group
Mail to HPRG at 5204 Country View Lane
Papillion, NE 68133
Attention: Maury Schooff, Treasurer

I want to thank you on behalf of the officers of the John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Organization for your support on this matter.

Robert Givens, President

Announcement: Proposed 2017 J&HKL Carter Family Conference & Reunion


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J&HKL Carter Family Conference & Reunion
June 16th & 17th 2017 @ Provo, UT
Absolute times and places will be finalized at a later date

Friday June 16th A Day of History Exchange

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm: History Exchange
All family members to gather to meet their relatives and exchange family histories.
Location (Provo, UT)

Goal:   Meet your relatives and get to know them better.
Have family members share their “Carter family legends”.
The focus is to document stories of the later posterity of John & Hannah Carter.
Teach each other what is possible to accomplish for our family history.
Chart out the histories and photos that we do or don’t have. Have a “huge” workable chart.
Evening:   Music, food (BYO), and stories. Games near Bridal Veil Falls Provo, UT

Saturday June 17th
10:00 to 11:00 Family Organization Meeting
Location (Provo, UT)

11:00: John & Hannah Memorial Ceremony
(Hold a Memorial to John and Hannah Carter 150 years since her passing)
        Recreation of the following event,
        “On Memorial Day, May 30, 1941. 155 years after her birth, 90 years after she crossed the plains, and 74 years after her death, 90 members of her posterity held a memorial service in her honor, sang again the songs that were sung at her funeral, and listened to a sketch of her rich life story. Then once again they gathered at her graveside and dedicated a bronze marker as a lasting memorial to her name and noble character. It bore this inscription (beside the motif of a covered wagon):
                Hannah Knight Libby Carter
                October 9, 1786-November, 1867.
                “Faithful in the day of Trial.”

Saturday Afternoon: Lunch
        Gather at a park in Orem or Provo around a campfire, visit, tell stories, play games. BBQ provided by the J&HKL Carter Organization.

Please let us know if you plan on attending.
Please email Layne Carter @
Let me know what day/s you plan on attending and how many will be attending.

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Reviews, additions and/or updates were made to the following individuals on November 26-27, 2016

 ID  	 Last Name, Given Name(s)    Born/Christened

I10614567  ALLRED, Celeste Rosalia   b. 23 Mar 1850 	Adair Co., MO
I13650 	 ANDERSON, Mary Warder       b. May 1837 	Clay Co., MO
I449000  CROSS, Mary Elizabeth       b. 01 Apr 1878 	Missouri
I448956  FITZGEREL, William Jewell   b. May 1870 	Missouri
I15713 	 JOHNSTON, James  	     Seeking Information
I448850  MALONEY, Albert James       b. 04 Dec 1854 	Cascade, Dubuque Co., IA
I448892  MALONEY, Della May  	     b. 25 Mar 1886 	Elmo, Nodaway Co., MO
I34041 	 MANLEY, George  	     b. Abt 1708 	Boston, Suffolk Co., Province MA Bay
I443316  MANLEY, George  	     b. 25 Dec 1735 	Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT Colony
I448754  MANLEY, Harrison  	     b. 07 Jul 1835 	Missouri
I448905  MANLEY, Lloyd  	     b. 02 May 1908 	Missouri
I448705  MANLEY, Martin  	     c. 04 Mar 1770 	Wintonbury Parish Church, Wintonbury, Hartford Co., CT Colony
I448870  MANLEY, Mary Elizabeth      b. 01 Apr 1870 	Missouri
I448635  MANLEY, Orville T  	     b. 20 Nov 1874 	Garrettsville, Portage Co., OH
I448840  MANLEY, Rhoda  	     b. 10 Sep 1863 	Nodaway Co., MO
I448632  MANLEY, Roswell Mortimer    b. 1851 	        Garrettsville, Portage Co., OH
I448810  MANLEY, Sarah Julia         Seeking Information
I448829  MANLEY, Shubael  	     b. 1767 	        Windsor, Hartford Co., CT Colony
I448779  McMICHAEL, Eugene Gideon    b. 12 Feb 1867 	Nodaway Co., MO
I448727  McMICHAEL, Robert Earl      b. 1930 	        Seeking Information
I448995  MITCHELL, Obadiah  	     b. 30 Sep 1847 	Jasper Co., IA
I448762  PORTER, Mary Jane  	     b. 09 Apr 1847 	Missouri
I60515 	 ROBINSON, Willet Lloyd      Seeking Information
I448882  ROBINSON, Willet Lloyd Jr.  b. 09 Nov 1884 	Moline, Elk Co., KS
I448763  TAYLOR, Lucy Ann  	     b. 22 Sep 1838 	Portage Co., OH
I952 	 YORK, Sarah  	             b. 25 Aug 1812 	Bethel, Oxford Co., District ME, MA
I449020  YOUNG, Daughter  	     b. 1900 	        Seeking Information
I449019  YOUNG, Daughter  	     b. 1900 	        Seeking Information

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Reviews, additions and/or updates were made to the following individuals on November 25, 2016

 ID  	 Last Name, Given Name(s)  	 Born/Christened

I117114   ALEXANDER, Eliza Snow        b. 13 Dec 1850 	 Big Cottonwood, Great Salt Lake Co., UT Territory
I27104 	  BIRD, Melva  	               b. 01 Sep 1904 	 West Jordan, Salt Lake Co., UT
I117131   BIRD, Walter Douglas         Seeking Information
I27140 	  BOCKMANN, Emil  	       b. 06 Dec 1912 	 Seeking Information
I117101   BUTLER, Laura Mary  	       b. 23 Jan 1878 	 Orderville, Kane Co., UT Territory
I117113   BUTLER, William Richard      b. 1848 	         Seeking Information
I21957 	  CARTER, Ada  	               b. 23 Nov 1892 	 Timpanogos, Utah Co., UT Territory
I21958 	  CARTER, Blanche  	       b. 16 Nov 1895 	 Timpanogos, Utah Co., UT Territory
I11737 	  CARTER, Clara Emma  	       b. 06 Sep 1892 	 Park Valley, Box Elder Co., UT Territory
I30333 	  CARTER, Claud O  	       b. 31 Dec 1910 	 Provo, Utah Co., UT
I21950 	  CARTER, Doris  	       b. 31 Oct 1901 	 Provo Bench, Utah Co., UT
I21944 	  CARTER, Emma  	       b. 20 Apr 1897 	 Provo, Utah Co., UT
I9410 	  CARTER, Gary Clarence        b. 26 Jan 1941 	 Provo, Utah Co., UT
I9587 	  CARTER, Harold Richard       b. 13 Aug 1918 	 Seeking Information
I8874 	  CARTER, Pansy  	       b. 06 Jul 1905 	 Provo Bench, Utah Co., UT
I21898 	  CARTER, Richard  	       b. 10 Nov 1868 	 Santaquin, Utah Co., UT Territory
I62 	  CARTER, Ronald Lee  	       b. 01 Oct 1932 	 Provo, Utah Co., UT
I21959 	  CARTER, Vera  	       b. 02 May 1899 	 Panquitch, Garfield Co., UT
I27170 	  CARTER, Vera  	       b. 02 Jun 1923 	 Seeking Information
I27113 	  CHADWICK, Emma Louise        b. 19 Nov 1915 	 Seeking Information
I3931 	  CHADWICK, Henry Lloyd        b. 10 Jan 1888 	 Park Valley, Box Elder Co., UT Territory
I27112 	  CHADWICK, Henry Lloyd Jr.    b. 30 Jan 1914 	 Park Valley, Box Elder Co., UT
I27117 	  CHADWICK, Ina Rose  	       b. 22 Mar 1924 	 Seeking Information
I27114 	  CHADWICK, Monrow Davenport   b. 14 Jan 1918 	 Craig, Moffat Co., CO
I27116 	  CHADWICK, Robert Raymond     b. 19 Jan 1922 	 Seeking Information
I27111 	  CHADWICK, Zennell Carter     b. 10 Oct 1912 	 Utah
I27107 	  CHAPMAN, Rodney Kent         b. 17 Nov 1948 	 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT
I27120 	  DOAK, Virginia E  	       b. 06 Jul 1918 	 Seeking Information
I27154 	  ELLGIN, Blanche  	       b. 14 Mar 1919 	 Seeking Information
I117132   GIVENROD, Arthur Clarence    b. 1902 	         Seeking Information
I27109 	  HARDING, Nellie  	       b. 15 Jun 1917 	 Salina, Sevier Co., UT
I27110 	  HATCH, Lloyd Ceral  	       b. 28 Jan 1917 	 Koosharem, Sevier Co., UT
I9594 	  JONES, Bettie Aleen  	       b. 28 Mar 1922 	 Seeking Information
I27106 	  LARSON, Carol Beth  	       b. 25 Oct 1928 	 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT
I27105 	  LARSON, John Allen  	       b. 08 Oct 1904 	 Magna, Salt Lake Co., UT
I27151 	  LEE, Minnie  	               b. 14 Oct 1917 	 Seeking Information
I27160    McDONALD, Lewis  	       b. 06 Nov 1923 	 Seeking Information
I27164 	  ODOM, Mary  	 	       Seeking Information
I11163 	  ROBBINS, Wesley Burtis       b. 22 Feb 1841 	 Chesterfield Twp, Burlington Co., NJ
I27175 	  SANDSTROM, Jody  	       b. 16 Apr 1959 	 Seeking Information
I117122   SCHOW, Lu Dean  	       b. 23 May 1910 	 Cowley, Big Horn Co., WY
I117100   SCHOW, Niels Christian       b. 10 Dec 1874 	 Panguitch, Iron Co., UT Territory
I19706 	  TAYLOR, Everett W  	       b. 14 Jun 1920 	 Goshen, Utah Co., UT
I26794 	  TAYLOR, Walter Eugene        b. 03 Jan 1889 	 Provo, Utah Co., UT Territory
I19727 	  TAYLOR, William Henry        b. 30 Nov 1893 	 Goshen, Utah Co., UT Territory
I19728    TOPHAM, Nellie Ann  	       b. 28 Mar 1902 	 York, Juab Co., UT
I27108 	  WHITTLE, Ivy  	       Seeking Information
I27123 	  YOUNG, Esther  	       b. 01 Sep 1913 	 Seeking Information

Thanksgiving Through the Years

Graphic by

George Washington was first in war, first in peace, and in November 1789, the first president to proclaim a national day of thanksgiving, openly acknowledging God as the source of all “the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us.”

Among the “favors” were a Declaration of Independence that inspires us to the present day, a remarkable military victory over the most powerful nation in the world, and an ingenious Constitution of checks and balances that places “we the people” at the center of our government.

For the next fourscore and seven years, most states honored a November date as a day of prayer and fasting, but there was no national celebration. Of the early presidents, only James Madison, in 1814 and 1815, issued proclamations.

Then in November 1863, with the Civil War still raging, President Abraham Lincoln officially declared the last Thursday of November to be Thanksgiving. Echoing Washington, Lincoln asked Americans to “implore the interposition of the Almighty hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it, as soon as may be consistent with the divine purposes, to the full employment of peace, harmony, tranquillity, and union.”

God heard the people’s prayers for an end to war and the preservation of the Union, but He had yet to vouchsafe a “full” employment of harmony and tranquility.

Succeeding presidents issued proclamations in the same providential spirit of Lincoln and Washington, freely thanking God for His favors and benefits. In 1904, for example, President Theodore Roosevelt said that “the time has come [again] when a special day shall be set apart in which to thank Him, who holds all nations in the hollow of His hand, for the mercies thus vouchsafed to us.” In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge said that Americans should “devoutly give thanks to the Almighty for the many and great blessings they have received, to seek His guidance that they may receive a continuance of His favor.”

However, with the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the coming of secular progressivism, God was given an increasingly secondary role while the “civic spirit” of America was extolled. “May we on Thanksgiving Day and on every day,” said FDR in the middle of World War II, careful not to use the “G” word, “express our gratitude and zealously devote ourselves to our duties as individuals and as a nation.”

President John F. Kennedy also skirted the word “God,” calling on Americans to “renew that spirit [of Thanksgiving] by offering our thanks for uncovenanted mercies, beyond our desert or merit, and by resolving to meet the responsibilities placed upon us.” Faithful to his progressive roots, President Barack Obama declared in his 2012 Thanksgiving proclamation that “we are a people who draw our deepest strength not from might or wealth but from our bonds to each other” (but not, apparently, to a transcendent being).

As he did in so many ways, President Ronald Reagan broke sharply with the progressives, taking inspiration from Washington and Lincoln and reemphasizing the religious character of Thanksgiving. Quoting the 1863 Thanksgiving proclamation, Reagan said that “no human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God.” Reagan went on: “God has blessed America and her people, and it is appropriate we recognize this bounty.”

Thanksgiving has always been rooted in the notion, wrote commentator Daniel Horowitz, “that as a nation, our entire prosperity, security, and liberty is completely dependent upon God’s providence.” So on this Thanksgiving Day in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen, let us give thanks and thanks and ever thanks to Him who gives us life, liberty, and happiness.

Story by The Daily Signal

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Reviews, additions and/or updates were made to the following individuals on October 18-20, 2016

 ID  	 Last Name, Given Name(s)  	 Born/Christened

I80509 	BATE, Melba  	           b. 22 Aug 1899  Springville, Utah Co., UT
I20150 	BETHERS, Dean              b. 06 Aug 1910  Provo, Utah Co., UT
I27038 	BETHERS, Maxine  	   b. 01 Oct 1936  Heber City, Wasatch Co., UT
I27029 	BISHOP, John Alfred  	   b. 18 Mar 1889  Bishop, Whitman Co., WA
I27061 	BISHOP, John O'Dell  	   b. 06 Feb 1925  Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I27050 	BOUNDS, Bonnie Jean  	   b. 12 Feb 1925  Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I27049 	BOUNDS, Sidney Oscar  	   b. 21 Oct 1891  Pataha City, Garfield Co., WA
I21942 	CARTER, Helena Levina  	   b. 28 Sep 1892  Provo Bench, Utah Co., UT Territory
I21893 	CARTER, Henryett  	   b. 09 May 1877  Fort Herriman, Great Salt Lake Co., UT Territory
I21884 	CARTER, Maryett  	   b. 09 May 1877  Fort Herriman, Great Salt Lake Co., UT Territory
I950 	CARTER, Samuel Parker  	   b. 10 Feb 1842  Lima, Adams Co., IL
I21897 	CARTER, Samuel Parker Jr.  b. 13 Aug 1866  Provo, Utah Co., UT Territory
I21941 	CARTER, Samuel Vernal  	   b. 13 May 1889  Provo, Utah Co., UT Territory
I22071 	CHATWIN, Max Ray  	   b. 12 Aug 1914  Mammoth, Juab Co., UT
I110476 CHIDESTER, John Madison    b. 22 Jan 1809  Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY
I27048 	GIBFORD, Claude Ivan  	   b. 11 Jun 1896  New Castle, Weston Co., WY
I27030 	HICKMAN, Elizabeth  	   b. 22 Nov 1914  Seeking Information
I21940 	HORTON, Rosetta Levina     b. 12 May 1869  Springville, Utah Co., UT Territory
I21912 	IGDRUPT, Helena  	   b. 10 Jul 1847  Wenthisle, Denmark
I27072 	LEACH, Delbert Lewellyn    b. 30 Sep 1912  Vollmer, Lewis Co., ID
I27066 	OSBORN, Helen Mary  	   b. 17 Dec 1905  Spokane, Spokane Co., WA
I110477 PARKER, Mary Josephine     b. 02 Apr 1809  Vernon, Oneida Co., NY
I17155 	PENNINGTON, Henry Jr.  	   b. 08 Sep 1896  Echo Canyon, Summit Co., UT
I27037 	REMUND, Arthella  	   b. 27 Jun 1915  Provo, Utah Co., UT
I27031 	SALT, Mark William  	   b. 20 Jan 1898  Mercur, Tooele Co., UT
I27032 	SALT, Max William  	   b. 14 Mar 1935  Omaha, Douglas Co., NE
I27045 	SCHMITZ, Kathleen Ann  	   b. 22 Jul 1946  Boise, Ada Co., ID
I27043 	SCHMITZ, Lawrence Joseph   b. 26 May 1923  Big Stone City, Grant Co., SD
I27046 	SCHMITZ, Stacy Lee  	   b. 30 May 1962  Seeking Information
I19810 	SHOUP, Barbara Ann Margaret  b. 18 Dec 1834  Westmoreland Co., PA
I27059 	SKARET, Morest Layton  	   b. 02 Aug 1913  Alberta, Canada
I20066 	STEELE, Ivy Dee  	   b. 30 Aug 1902  Lehi, Maricopa Co., AZ Territory
I20064 	STEELE, Maud  	           b. 04 Oct 1899  Lehi, Maricopa Co., AZ Territory
I20061 	STEELE, Samuel Clark  	   b. 22 Oct 1870  Provo, Utah Co., UT Territory
I27041 	TALBOTT, Wayne Sanford     b. 10 Aug 1887  Philippi, Babour Co., WV
I27042 	TALBOTT, Virginia May  	   b. 19 Aug 1923  Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I27067 	TINDALL, Cecil C  	   b. 08 Jul 1927  Idaho
I204063 TINDALL, Cecil Charles     b. 26 Dec 1906  Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I204064 TINDALL, Elma Anita  	   b. 21 Jan 1918  Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I204071 TINDALL, Geneva May  	   b. 20 Sep 1899  Lima, Adams Co., IL
I19800 	TRIPP, John Carter  	   b. 01 Feb 1832  Newry, Oxford Co., ME
I27069 	VANTREASE, Clarence E  	   b. 29 Mar 1904  Washington
I21028 	YORK, Kate  	           b. 25 Sep 1910  Santaquin, Utah Co., UT

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Reviews, additions and/or updates were made to the following individuals on November 13-18, 2016:

ID      Last Name, Given Name(s)       Born/Christened

I27029 	    BISHOP, John Alfred  	b. 18 Mar 1889 	 Bishop, Whitman Co., WA
I27011 	    BLAIR, Kaybonnie  	        b. 25 Nov 1935 	 Algona, Kossuth Co., IA
I26985 	    BRUST, Frieda Louise  	b. 17 Feb 1889 	 Carroll Co., IA
I26973 	    COOK, Bertha  	 	Seeking Information
I26996 	    HIRVAS, Florabeth Lucile  	b. 02 Nov 1917 	 Clarkston, Asotin Co., WA
I10504760   JENKINS, Mary  	        b. 22 Nov 1744 	 Kittery, York Co., District ME, Province MA Bay
I27000 	    McDONALD, Elmer Arthur  	b. 27 Feb 1916 	 Cornation, Alberta, Canada
I27002 	    McDONALD, Monte Joe  	b. 13 Jul 1948 	 Boise, Ada Co., ID
I27026 	    MORIN, Rena Eva  	        b. 19 Jan 1924 	 Garyville, Saint John the Baptist Parish, LA
I26987 	    NELSON, Barnett William  	b. 13 Apr 1915 	 Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I23511 	    NELSON, Bartran Carter  	b. 29 Jun 1903 	 Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I26994 	    NELSON, Clark  	        b. 01 Oct 1924 	 Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I27012 	    NELSON, Debra  	        b. 1955 	 Idaho
I21989 	    NELSON, James Carl  	b. 21 Dec 1890 	 Lima, Adams Co., IL
I26989 	    NELSON, James Carl Jr.  	b. 06 Sep 1918 	 Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I26988 	    NELSON, Mary Annette  	b. 22 Oct 1916 	 Lapwai, Nez Perce Co., ID
I26993 	    NELSON, Monte S  	        b. 15 Mar 1922 	 Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I26995 	    NELSON, Olga JoAnn  	b. 19 Apr 1928 	 Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I22082 	    NELSON, Ruby Olive  	b. Aug 1893 	 Idaho
I27021 	    NIGG, Bernard Joseph  	b. 1888 	 Idaho
I27023 	    NIGG, Bernard Vincent  	b. 12 Dec 1915 	 Idaho
I27022 	    NIGG, Ethel May  	        b. 1914 	 Washington
I27024 	    NIGG, Gladys Bernice  	b. 01 Aug 1917 	 Sedro-Wolley, Skagit Co., WA
I204064     TINDALL, Elma Anita         b. 21 Jan 1918   Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID
I204062     TINDALL, Grace Ermal  	b. 19 Jul 1904 	 Rathdrum, Kootenai Co., ID
I204061     TINDALL, Mary  	        b. 10 Aug 1902   Rathdrum, Kootenai Co., ID
I19817 	    TRIPP, Alwilda  	        b. 07 Oct 1860 	 Lima, Adams Co., IL
I19820 	    TRIPP, Daughter  	        b. 1866 	 Lima, Adams Co., IL
I19823 	    TRIPP, Eloda  	        b. 30 Jun 1874 	 Lima, Adams Co., IL
I19825 	    TRIPP, Jeremiah  	        b. 19 Nov 1879 	 Lima, Adams Co., IL
I19818 	    TRIPP, John McClellan  	b. 10 May 1862 	 Lima, Adams Co., IL
I19822 	    TRIPP, Mardonus  	        b. 07 Jul 1871 	 Lima, Adams Co., IL
I26963 	    TRIPP, Vernon Dale  	b. 04 Jul 1924 	 Spokane, Spokane Co., WA
I27025 	    WOODMANSEE, William Henry  	b. 16 May 1892 	 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT Territory
I26967 	    WRIGHT, Eleanor Jean  	b. 28 Mar 1918 	 Richmond, Wayne Co., IN
I27015 	    YOCHUM, Dawn Louise  	b. 06 Sep 1954 	 Seeking Information
I27014 	    YOCHUM, Sherman E  	        b. 12 Nov 1921 	 St Paul, Ramsey Co., MN