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The Life of Edward CATER (8) & Sarah Cotton



An update (Errata 1) to The Life of Edward CATER (8) and Sarah COTTON has been added to Chapter Four and is now available for download.

The Table of Contents and Record of Changes have been updated accordingly.

Please continue to notify me of any errors you might find or any suggested changes, improvements or information that I may have overlooked or would like to be considered for addition.

Carter Family Reunion

Ed. Note Any or all of the following information is subject to change. Updates will be made as they become available. I am providing this information to you early in order to allow you plenty of opportunity to make arrangements to attend. See you there!

JUNE 25-27, 2015


6:00-9:00PM: MEET AND GREET at the home of Morgan & Kathy Wise, 14913 Laurel Ave, Omaha, NE

Cookout Dinner: Grilled Omaha Steaks and Burgers, Firecracker Corn on the Cob, Tossed Green Salad, Watermelon, Pop or Water

Fireside Musical Performance: “Refuge and Rest” (title piece of the pioneer cantata written by Daniel L. Carter and Jo Fankhauser) and “Come Home to Kanesville” (another production by Jo Fankhauser) will be performed by a vocal ensemble by the glow of firelight.

Door Prize Drawing (to include various Nebraska/Iowa-made gifts (must be present to win)); Distribution of Itinerary and Area Maps

Bring your own chairs!!!


9:30-10:15AM: MORMON PIONEER CEMETERY, 3301 State Street, Omaha, NE

Spirits of the Pioneers: Dominicus, John H, William F and Eliza Ann will tell their stories, portrayed by descendants

Hymn sing: “Come, Come Ye Saints”, original pioneer tune written at Winter Quarters to be sung by all


Guided Tour: See a reproduction of Dominicus Carter’s blacksmithing advertisement in the Trail Center as well as life-sized oxen, handcarts, sod cabin, etc. Church Missionary, Sister Terry Latey, will also speak to us about the Pioneer Research Group which was founded at Winter Quarters.


2:00-4:00PM: KANESVILLE TABERNACLE, 222 East Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA

Ice Cream Social: Iowa’s own Blue Bunny ice cream will be served as we regroup for the afternoon.
Movie “A Legacy More Precious Than Gold: Contribution of the Mormon Battalion” and Mormon Battalion Memorabilia: Accompany Richard Carter on his march from Kanesville to New Mexico.
Tabernacle Self-Guided Tour: A reproduction of the site where Brigham Young was sustained as LDS President
Family Photographs: Descendants of each Carter ancestor will be grouped together for photographs


Caravan to historical sites: Guided tour by LDS Omaha Stake Patriarch, Church & Local Historian Gail Holmes, we will depart from the Tabernacle and visit the sites of Carterville, the Mormon Battalion mustering grounds and Grand Encampment. Signed copies of Gail’s booklet on local church history sites may be available for purchase.


10:00-1:00PM: BREAKFAST MEETING at the LDS Elkhorn Meeting House, 17606 Spaulding Street, Omaha, NE

Breakfast: Egg, Meat & Cheese Casserole, Pancakes, Fresh Fruit, Juice or Water

Keynote Speaker: _________________ of Family Search will talk on the topic of telling our stories

Speaker: Paul & Karen Larsen, Church and Local Historians, will talk on the topic of research and publishing stories. Signed copies of the Larsen’s book may be available for purchase. Copies of the church booklet co-authored by Karen Larsen will be provided to each in attendance if available.

Family Meeting:

  • Family History Developments
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Committee Reports
  • Election
  • Adjourn
  • Farewell gift to all present

Registration by May 30, 2015

Meet and Greet Cookout Dinner and Fireside (Cost of supplies or we can ask BYO Meat & Beverage)

Mormon Trail Center Tour (Free but need an idea of number attending)

Ice Cream Social (Free but need an idea of number attending)

Kanesville Tabernacle Movie and Self-Guided Tour (Free but need an idea of number attending)

Breakfast Meeting (Cost of catered meal)

At the time of promotion to the family, I will provide a brief description and websites for various historical sites nearby such as Nauvoo, Independence, Liberty Jail, Haun’s Mill, Chimney Rock, Nebraska Archway, and other attractions that family members can choose to visit while in the area as well as local campgrounds, hotels and airport information.

Genealogy and Local History Resources, Geauga County Public Library, Ohio


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By The Daily Genealogist: Valerie Beaudrault, Assistant Editor

Geauga County is located in northeastern Ohio. Chardon is the county seat. The Geauga County Public Library has made a number of genealogy and local history resources available on its website.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records
The alphabetical indexes in PDF format were compiled from microfilm of original ledgers in the collections of the Chardon branch of the Geauga County Public Library. The links will bring you to the Geauga County Genealogical Society of Ohio website where the indexes reside for this collaborative effort. (The original ledgers are not accessible to the public.) An abbreviations key is available at the end of the page.

The birth and death records databases cover 1867 through 1908. There are more than 6,000 records in the deaths index. The data fields are name of the deceased, sex, date died, marital status, age, volume/page/record number, death place, birthplace, occupation, father, mother, cause of death, residence, and remarks. The births index contains more than 8,000 records. The data fields are birth name, sex, date born, birthplace, volume/page/record number, name of father, name of mother, residence, and remarks.

There are two marriage records databases, covering about 1806 through 1919. One database is sorted by bride’s maiden name, and the other by groom’s surname. There are more than 20,000 records, with separate records for the marriage license and the marriage record. The data fields are bride’s name (maiden name), groom’s name, date of license application, marriage date, volume/page/record number, groom’s father name, groom’s mother’s names, bride’s father, bride’s mother, and comments. Because the county’s boundaries changed during this period, some of the marriage records are for locales outside the current boundaries of Geauga County. A link to the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries page on the Newberry Library website is provided.

Cemetery Records
Under this link you will find alphabetical indexes to all but two of the cemeteries in Geauga County. The databases are current through 2011 or 2012. Links to the websites for the two remaining cemeteries have been provided.

Court Records
There are two court records databases. The first is the Estate (Probate) Packets database, which covers 1805 through 1917. The data fields in the alphabetical index are person’s name, file number, case type, year, and LDS call number. An abbreviations key is provided. There is also a link to probate databases on the Geauga County GenWeb site.

FamilySearch Releases Two Mobile Apps



Tuesday, July 22, 2014
FamilySearch has released two mobile apps: “FamilySearch – Tree” and “FamilySearch – Memories.”

FamilySearch – Tree is a mobile tree viewer for FamilySearch Family Tree. It is available for both Apple iOS 7+ and Android 2.3+ devices. You can view the tree no matter where you’re at. You can download several generations of your pedigree for offline viewing. (I want to say six generations, but I don’t remember for certain.) You can add photos, stories, and audio recordings. The app does not allow changing information in the tree, but FamilySearch says that ability is in the works.

For more: FamilySearch Releases Two Mobile Apps

Blaine OTLER (1926-1980)


Can anyone tell me where Blaine fits into our family? Thank you.
Blaine Ostler 1926-1980

Bess Teerlin HARWOOD (1929-2008)


Does anyone know where Bess fits into our family? Thank you.
Bess Teerlin Harwood 1929-2008     Bess Teerlin Harwood2 1929-2008

Arthur Doyle YATES (1920-2006)


Can anyone tell me where Arthur fits into our family? Thank you.
Arthur Doyle Yates 1920-2006

Arthur Byron PENROD (1941-2008)


Can anyone tell me where Arthur fits into our family? Thank you.
Arthur Byron Penrod 1941-2008